You may be wondering how to get a high ranking for your Google My Business listing. Although many things are out of your control, optimizing your listing can help increase your chance of being found in the relevant search results. Listed below are five tips to increase your GMB listing. To begin, select one category that is relevant to your business. Be sure the category you choose matches those of your competitors. Avoid using too many categories, as you will end up with a list that isn’t optimized for search engines.

Steps (Optimizations Listed By Priority)

  1. Publish GMB Posts 2 to 3 times a week
    1. Anything relevant to what happened the last couple days.
      1. Customer left a nice review. Take a screenshot and talk about it in a post
      2. New product and pictures. Write about it
      3. New Service
      4. Wishing everyone a happy holiday
      5. Etc
  2. Actively talk to customers about giving reviews.
    1. Start the conversion at the beginning of a sale, with a business card with a link to your GMB Reviews form.
    2. Complete the job or make the sale and tell them if they liked to service please leave feedback on our Google Maps profile. Tell them it really helps and thank you for the business.
    3. Send a URL link to them if you have their email or phone number is best.
  3. Respond to the reviews you receive the same day if possible.
    1. When writing the responses make sure to get a keyword into the response that you are trying to rank for when people search Google Maps
  4. Make sure all services you offer are added to the services section. Don’t over do it through try to focus on the major services you think people are searching for.
  5. Sometimes the most helpful if you don’t have any reviews and you are brand new. Submit a DBA with the city or register a new business name with the city and state that includes the major 1 or 2 keyword phrases you want to rank for. You can have your official name but you can have a public facing official name also that helps with rankings. (You will need to create new logos, new phone number, email and don’t have both your primary business name and your new name at the same address on Google Maps.)